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18th June 2024 

About Integrative Hypnopsychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy

My Therapeutic Approach - Integrative Hypnopsychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy (IHCH)

I am a classically and clinically trained Integrative Psychotherapist and Existential Analyst with extensive training in Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (LTEA), as well as, various other modalities in clinical and analytical hypnotherapy, behaviour therapy Hypnopsychotherapy, Jungian Dream Analysis and psychometrics. I am also an approved clinical supervisor and trainer. Both Viktor Frankl, as well as, Carl Gustav Jung strongly influenced my psychotherapy and still do, especially Frankl. As an integrative existentialist psychotherapist, I work from a paradigm of maximising individual meaning, growth, change and empowerment through a systemic and integrative framework. Jung's work has deeply impacted me on the level of imagery and symbolic communication. Dream analysis can be a very important method to assist clients to achieve insights into their perceptions and clarify strengths and weaknesses in their life approach.

However the greatest influence on my approach to how I do therapy certainly was, and remains Andrew Salter. It is my view, borne of long clinical experience, that optimising authenticity through what Andrew Salter called Conditioned Reflex Therapy (CRT) facilitates more effective communication and connection with oneself, as well as with engaging in relationships with others through a programmed disinhibition. Mental health struggles often present as feeling stuck in a life that is unfulfilling, having trouble letting go of painful parts of the past, or feeling overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities through inhibition. It is Andrew Salter's hypnotherapeutic framework which propelled me into my highly successful results for well over thirty years in my clinical career. Salter remains, alongside Frankl and Jung, my constant inspiration in my work through his pioneering decisive behaviourist therapy.

So while I trained in a number of modalities such as existentialist, as well as analytical psychotherapy, I tend towards a more behavioural and deeply experiential approach and you shall find and get only science-based (and therefore time-tested) modalities applied to all your challenges and problem-resolution. As a scientist-practitioner I do not believe in promoting mysticism, magic or magical cures in the clinical setting. This means you get what truly works for your life situation in ways which can be verified and measured. While remaining open to creative insight, the meditation-mindfulness protocols I teach are clinically standardised ones (CSM).

IHCH is completely structured on evidence and science-based modalities that are interlinked and soundly based in the study and research of the brain and neurological dynamics. This informs the process of behavioural and scientific psychotherapeutic protocols. This science-based approach is crucial in order to be a true and verifiable solution for resolving the majority of human challenges. It is true that there is magic in believing, but that belief should have a sound basis in fact and reason if it is to stand the test of time and truly achieve the required life remedies.

What Conditions Can Integrative Hypnopsychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy (IHCH) help? What Benefits can be Expected?
Integrative Hypno-psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy (IHCH) is a very powerful cohort of evidence-based tools for promoting healing, growth and transformation. It works by activating a creative state of mind and body forged through hypnosis where new learning can occur effectively, almost effortlessly. It can help you with the knowledge and energy you need to succeed in life, helping to build new beliefs and to focus your attention. If we can heal our beliefs, our beliefs can heal us. This has been scientifically validated and proven and is completely time-tested.

What does this all mean for you right now, if you feel you are thinking about going into therapy?
Simply this. Whatever you have been through. Whatever you're going through right now. Whatever challenges are facing you in the coming weeks months or years from now. There is a way - Just go through this process with me will be soon on your way to effective resolution of whatever you perceived and experienced as set-backs or serious challenges. You will move into personal growth and life mastery. This is a truly effective and successful method to help you reach your life goals and where I can assist you through a safe journey in peace and serenity through my clinical speciality, whatever your clinical, behavioural, social or other personal needs.

Kindly note that Online Therapy Sessions can be an effective and complete solution for you......if:
**You choose to share personal issues with a qualified psychotherapist and counsellor.
**Your time is limited making it difficult to see a therapist in office hours. Online counselling in this regard offers more flexibility.
**You are a shy person and while the idea of therapy appeals to you, the thought of sitting in a face to face therapy does not.
**You would prefer to remain anonymous.
**You are comfortable expressing yourself via a computer.
**IHHC and counselling can be offered as an adjunct if treating Mental Health and Medical Professionals are in agreement.

Kindly note that Online Therapy Sessions ARE NOT a complete solution for you.... if:
***You suffer from any serious psychiatric ailment or have complex or detailed mental health problems.
***You are in the midst of a serious mental crisis. For example having suicidal thoughts or tendencies.
***You do not feel adequately able to express yourself via a computer.
***You prefer a more tactile physical presence when having psychotherapy.
If this is the case please get immediately in touch with your family doctor and /or local psychotherapist (in a face-to-face clinic setting)
If you are in any doubt you may contact your local specialists and/or also contact me and I shall assist you and steer you to the best solutions for your particular situation.

You can achieve your highest potential

Take responsibility for yourself and your life

Make a change – a small change - and see your life bare the fruits of success

This is a process that begins with attitudinal change.

It takes courage and willingness to take responsibility to face your greatest fears

Together we can transmute them to strengths that bring you a sense of meaning and the knowledge that you have a purpose in life

Please visit the Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna website for detailed information about Viktor Frankl and his theory and philosophy on logotherapy:

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