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18th June 2024 


B.Ed (Hons.)- University of Malta (Alma Mater)
MSW- in Counseling- Saint James College - US
MBA - Maastricht School of Management - Netherlands
DD - St. Michael Academy of Eschatology - US
PhD - St. Michael Academy of Eschatology - US
Graduate Diploma in Public Health - UK (RSPH)
Certificate in Logotherapy Methods - Malta & Italy (Rome)
Post-Graduate Diploma - Logotherapy and Existential Analysis - Netherlands
Diploma Curative Hypnotherapy - UK
Various other Post-Graduate certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy - UK, Europe and USA
Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy (5-PATH) - US
Investigative and Forensic Hypnosis Certification - Belgrade
Diploma Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - UK
Certificates in Psychodiagnostics and Psychometric Analysis- UK (BPS) and Europe
Diploma Certified Teacher of Meditation and Mindfulness -US
Certificate in Clinical Supervision and Training - Netherlands
Approved State Psychotherapy Licence (Warrant) as a Logotherapist and Hypnopsychotherapist - Government of Malta - MALTA
European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP) - Vienna / Austria
World Certificate of Psychotherapy (WCP)- Vienna / Austria
Certificate in ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor - Malta - UK
Member of the Malta Association of Psychotherapy
Professional Memberships (Various)
Professor and visiting lecturer in various institutes and universities in the US, UK and Europe

To verify my professional psychotherapeutic verifications kindly check official links at the EAP Website and go to the ECP Register and also go to the WCPC and go to the WCPC Psychotherapy Register.

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Training as a therapist in this form of therapy takes between five and seven years and also personal therapy with analysis and involves rigorous classical clinical supervision. I have over 30 years of clinical experience and am a licensed Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist in Malta. In addition, I have been a university professor at several universities and currently serve as a guest trainer and clinical supervisor at the Netherlands Centre for Existential Analysis. I am one of the founding members of the Existential Analysis Society of Malta and have served as the Chairman of the European Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (EALEA) for a number of years. I am an accredited Logotherapist and Existential Analyst by the Viktor Frankl Institute of Vienna. I am both an ECP and WCP Holder.

After having my traditional private practice office for many years, I found myself spending more time traveling throughout Europe giving training seminars, speaking at professional conferences and teaching university courses on existential psychology and psychotherapy, clinical and analytical hypnotherapy and meditation-mindfulness teaching. This is when I decided to move my practice fully online so that I can continue to provide services to my clients regardless of where I am. Currently, I split my time between the Malta, the UK and the European mainland.

As a therapist, my focus is on the unique perspective the person has on their issues and the suffering they may be experiencing. I believe that all of our experiences, whether they are positive or negative, tell us something important about ourselves and our life. Coming from an existential and humanistic perspective, I find it important and helpful to slow down and take a closer look at the way in which you are experiencing your life in order to discover perspectives, resources, and tools that may help you to better deal with life's challenges. As a therapist, I strive to not only help you solve your current problems, but to help you become a solver of problems for yourself throughout your life by developing a deeper relationship with yourself and with your world.

Who may benefit from my specialisms?

-Those experiencing: anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, eating disorders, panic attacks, insomnia and other mental health challenges
-Those who are questioning or exploring the meaning of life, relationships, sexuality, work and experiencing meaninglessness, boredom, emptiness or despair, or simply feel that they have not reached their full potential or perceive they are leading an unfulfilled life.
Logotherapy and existential analysis specifically aims to support symptom reduction and management through the process of change and empowerment. Below are some of the areas that I specialise in treating:

Trauma/Complex and Chronic PTSD
Grief and loss
Difficult life transitions and adjustments
Feelings of meaninglessness and lack of fulfillment in life
Learning and Rehabilitation in challenged life circumstances

If you are experiencing any of the following and are struggling to make sense of them are feeling powerless/blocked/hindered in your life because of their presence, then I invite you to contact me to have a free consultation.


Psychotherapy is a way to heal, it is a complex process. This therapeutic process is about the person and the person’s world (with all of their capabilities and deficits being the theme of the work). I believe that therapy should be about helping the person to develop their faculties, their capabilities, and their capacities. In therapy, we look at where you are blocked, hindered, hurt, and where you need to be strengthened through support, understanding and compassion.

People are complex; we are physical, social, psychological and spiritual beings. Within therapy I use the wisdom learned from various therapeutic strategies such as Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis, Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness, Focusing, and meaning-centered psychotherapies. However, my primary orientation stems from Existential Analysis (EA).

Pragmatic Existential Therapy and Analysis is a unique approach to therapy. It has deep roots in existential philosophy and combines a great respect for an individual’s life choices with therapeutically effective means. Its phenomenological approach allows the therapist to take all possible aspects of an individual’s experience into consideration and helps the client to slow down and take a closer look at how they are really experiencing their life and how they would like it to be different. Integrative Hypnopsychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy (IHCH) is a whole framework and approach. IHCH scientifically integrates psychotherapeutic tools interlaced with and / or within specific hypnotic interventions. IHCH is truly integrative, but not just eclectic. I developed it through a careful blending of multiple clinical specialisms like Hypnopsychotherapy, Existentialist Psychotherapy and Analysis ( Viktor Frankl's LTEA), Cognitive Behavioural Protocols, Imagery Protocols, Clinically Standardised Meditation (CSM) and Mindfulness, all within a clinically tested framework of evidence-based tools.

The integrative framework of existential therapy comprises an efficient brief, solution focused therapy and clinical application of existential psychology. Superseding pioneering existential therapies more concerned with insight than with clinical technique, pragmatic existential therapy is a dynamic clinical intervention facilitating in patients, decision, choice, self-commitment, and concrete action, the goal of which is movement toward the future and fulfillment of patients' latent potentials modulated through solid hypno-cbt protocols.

By using cognitive-behavioural tools, I focus on (a) lived experience, (b) self-creation, and (c) existential anxiety, as well as, practical guide of empowering self-hypnosis and mindfulness meditation within existential treatment are offered. This integration is sourced from existential philosophy and psychology, as well as, brief evidence-based solution focused treatment. These are used to evidence core elements of an existential therapy that is not just contemplative and insight-focused, but pragmatically scientific and action-based.

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